Three Stars and a Wish

The advantage of this assessment tool is the ratio of positive to negative comments helps mitigate hurt feelings.

  • Three Stars: good things, positives, successes
  • One Wish: one thing you wish was different, suggestion for next time, area of improvement

I always introduce the routine with a discussion of what makes a useful star and wish. Useful stars and wishes are specific, such as “I like how you used a ruler to carefully measure your poster’s title” or “In your persuasive essay, I wish you had given more details in the third argument.”

Currently my only template files were made in Microsoft Publish, which means they aren’t useful for people with Macs. I’ll eventually ┬áredesign them in Illustrator and publish them as .pdf files.


2 thoughts on “Three Stars and a Wish

  1. Hugo says:

    Yeah, as a former biclyce commuter myself, I think it would be a bit of a stretch to call Sacramento a cycling-friendly town. My first extensive experience as a biclyce commuter was a daily trip from North Highlands to Watt and El Camino, which involved a big stretch along Watt Avenue with no sidewalk, no bike trail, no practical alternate route, and only the barest hint of a shoulder. Later that job moved to the Garden Highway, and I moved downtown so I could continue to commute by bike. That was better, but in the winter Discovery Park flooded and I was left with two options: take a several-mile detour through Del Paso Heights, or ride on the freeway shoulder between Richards Boulevard and the Garden Highway (which is legal only when Discovery Park is flooded). I did the latter going to work and the former coming back (since I got off close to midnight and didn’t want to be on the freeway after dark) and let me tell you, neither option was any fun.In my experience, a large number of Sacramento drivers really don’t want to share the road with cyclists in fact, I’ve talked to quite a few who were honestly surprised that it’s legal for cyclists to use the road where there’s no bike lane, and that it’s actually illegal to ride a bike on the sidewalk. I’ve been honked at, yelled at, run off the road, and had food thrown at me for exercising my legal right to ride in the right lane of traffic. In places where there’s a clearly marked bike lane, it’s easier but there are far too many roads in Sacramento without a bike lane, and sometimes without a sidewalk, either.On the bright side, we do have a fantastic system of bike trails along the river, and for those lucky few who can use those to get to and from work, Sacramento is a nearly perfect cycling town.

  2. http://www./ says:

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