Peel the Fruit

I have been looking for a good way to structure my unit of inquiry board. I’ve noticed that over the course of the unit, we discover and create all kinds of useful artefacts: charts, lists, maps, questions. Without a structured way of organizing all that information and knowledge, my unit boards (and usually the surrounding walls) just became a jumbled collection, meaningful but chaotic.

Peel the Fruit diagram

Click for a larger version.

But then I discovered the Visible Thinking Routine ‘Peel the Fruit‘. Peel the Fruit is quite simple. Basically, it gives you a scaffold to (literally) pin your ideas to. As you move from the surface to the core of the ‘fruit’, the thinking displayed becomes more essential and complex. The ‘fruit’ has four layers:

  1. Skin
    • Describe What’s There: What do you see and notice?
  2. Getting Under the Skin
    • Mysteries: What puzzles and questions come up?
  3. Substance
    • Build Explanations: What’s really going on here?
    • Make Connections: How does this fit?
    • Consider Different Viewpoints: What’s another angle on this?
  4. Core
    • Capture the Heart and Form Conclusions: What is at the core or centre of this?

      Our unit board for our Where We Are in Place and Time unit.

      Our unit board for our Where We Are in Place and Time unit.


5 thoughts on “Peel the Fruit

  1. Janet Dubiel says:

    Thanks for sharing your peel the fruit and other great ideas with me. I am excited to try it out with my current unit.

    • Richard says:

      Janet, it is my pleasure to share what I’ve learned with you. Thank you for sharing so many useful materials with me this year. Keep in touch!

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