Discussion Operations Cards

We conduct a lot of group discussions in my class. Often the format starts with an engaging question or challenge to start their curiosity, then moves on to a discussion using a routine like Think-Pair-Share. I noticed that many of my students were using some of the same behaviours:

  • acknowledging a previous comment, and adding one’s own ideas
  • asking each other for help (especially useful for lower-level English speakers)
  • telling me they’d rather pass when I (unexpectedly) call upon them
  • ask the conversation to return to them (as in, they have something to say, but need more time to get ready to speak)
  • need help clarifying their ideas

What would happen if I helped my students acknowledge the way they discuss issues in class, and helped them create some common language for how they were thinking? To help them, I created these Discussion Operations posters. I introduced them at the beginning of this year to my Grade Four students, and they frequently refer to add, help, and pass.

Discussion Operations – LaMonte-Bird.com

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