Circle of Viewpoints

I have made a simple graphic organiser to helps students follow the Circle of Viewpoints thinking routine. I find this routine an accessible way for students to see a topic or issue from different points of view. Sometimes, I use this routine first, and then add on to it with “Step Inside“.

Copied directly from Visible Thinking Routines Circle of Viewpoints, below are the steps to this routine.

Brainstorm a list of different perspectives and then use this script skeleton to explore each one:

  1. I am thinking of … the topic… From the point of view of … the viewpoint you’ve chosen
  2. I think … describe the topic from your viewpoint. Be an actor – take on the character of your viewpoint
  3. A question I have from this viewpoint is … ask a question from this viewpoint

Wrap up: What new ideas do you have about the topic that you didn’t have before? What new questions do you have?

Circle of Viewpoints GO – v1

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